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Gymcodes™ are a revolutionary concept which combine our iPhone App and a unique QR barcode printed on each piece of gym equipment to put a Virtual Personal Trainer in every gym goer’s pocket! You need never feel alone at the gym!!

Gymcodes How it works

How Gymcodes work

Gymcodes build on the chart topping Gym Training by iPhone App to deliver best-in-class fitness instructions, photos and videos to your phone whilst you’re working out. Simply scan a Gymcode on any piece of equipment and instantly see how to use it, then log your workout and weights for future visits. It’s a Personal Trainer in your pocket!

Gymcodes How it works

Scan the Gymcode on any piece of gym equipment
See a list of exercises applicable to that equipment (sorted by muscle group)
Get a full exercise guide written by qualified gym professionals
See high quality step by step photos of how to do an exercise
See a short video of the exact movements to optimise your workout
Log your activity (sets, reps, durations, calories, etc)
Analyse your results

Get Gymcodes at your Gym

We’re working to roll out Gymcodes across major gyms chains in the UK, USA and Canada. If your gym isn’t yet using Gymcodes, or you’re elsewhere in the world then ask your gym to get in touch! Why not print this page, and ask your gym staff about using Gymcodes?

If you’re a gym owner and you’d like to know more please contact us for further information, to obtain gym code stickers, and for licensing and customisation options.

For press and media enquiries please contact the press office at Weightplan Ltd. on +44 (0)203 005 7443 or email us using the link below.

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