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I joined Weightplan because I could manage everything online, my diet, exercise and weekly weigh-ins. The big draw for me was to have a plan I could stick to that fitted into my busy lifestyle

What was your diet like before joining Weightplan?

I thought my diet was fairly OK before joining Weightplan, but the more I used the system, the more I became aware of the calorie content of some of my usual foods. My weekends were the worst and once I’d fallen off the wagon, I tended to forget the diet for the weekend and start again the following Monday.

How easy is it to plan your diary?

It’s very easy to plan both your food diary and your activity diary. For the food diary I switched between following mealplans some weeks and adding food to the diary as I went along on other weeks. The great thing about the mealplans is that you can plan all the meals for the week ahead in the click of a button, print the shopping list, buy the groceries, and then you have all the ingredients for the week ahead.

How did Weightplan work for you?

It focussed my attention on the foods I was eating. I now understand that if I over-indulge I can make up for it by burning the calories off during exercise or eating less in the week (rather than just forgetting about it). I know that to have successful weight loss you have to be honest about what you eat, log every calorie and try to make up for your slip-ups rather than forget about them.

How has Weightplan affected your life?

It’s great to know that I now have total control of my weight. I have a greater understanding of what I should be eating, what portion size to eat, and I have learned the calorie content of most food and drinks. Just by understanding that the choices I make at meal times affects the amount of weight I lose per week has proven to be the key to my weight loss. I get more confident with each successful weigh-in and love the compliments I get from friends and family on how well I look. I actually feel younger too.

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