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I had been at the same weight for years and found that if I exercised I was more inclined to lose weight rather than build the muscle that I ultimately wanted. After lots of sarcasm form work colleagues about being skinny, I decided to give Weightplan a go.

What was your diet like before joining Weightplan?

I used to eat the same foods week-in, week-out so I probably wasn’t getting a full range of nutrition. I also had a tendency to skip meals due to work pressures.

How easy is it to plan your diary?

Very easy. You can add the foods as you eat, or plan everything the day before like I do. I could incorporate the foods in my cupboards and make sure I was getting enough food throughout the day. The food database is really comprehensive and has all the brand names and own branded goods listed. The system works out exactly how many calories you’ve eaten, the protein and the carbohydrate. It’s very easy to amend the meals, the portion sizes and I particularly like the copy function to save me entering my favourite meals again and again.

What do you enjoy most about Weightplan?

The food diary was the best thing about Weightplan. I’d never really knew how much I should be eating before joining Weightplan, especially in the context of training. Within minutes of joining Weightplan I knew I wasn’t eating enough and the website didn’t demand I undergo a whole dietary change. Using the website it was easy to amend what I was already eating, amend the portion sizes I needed and also plan to eat at regular intervals - I just ate greater quantities. I also loved the weekly weigh-in which kept me focussed – I knew it was coming each week so it stopped me from slacking.

How has Weightplan affected your life?

Knowing how important eating is to achieve my goals, Weightplan has really enforced this. Now I set aside time to eat no matter what is happening at work. Weightplan has taught me some things should come before work; my nutrition was one of them. Enforcing a healthy lifestyle has encouraged me to exercise more frequently, but not to the detriment of losing weight. Without doubt I am the healthiest I have ever been.

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