Weightplan Success Stories

I was spending time at the gym but I wasn’t gaining any muscle or seeing much improvement to my physique. I had always struggled with my body image and wanted to feel more confident in my appearance.

Is Weightplan easy to follow and use?

I had been given my daily calorie target and was following the Scrawny to Brawny 90 day workout. The workout was programmed into my diary and I followed it on my iPhone checking off the exercises as I did them. The daily calorie summary told me if I had eaten enough to fuel my workout so I always had the energy to work hard at the gym.

What do you enjoy most about Weightplan?

Keeping track of the exercise and nutritional aspect allowed me to stay focussed on reaching my goal. I had 90 days to turn my body around and Weightplan kept me focussed every step of the way. By monitoring my weekly weight gain and improvements in my chest and arm measurements it gave me the encouragement to stick with the plan.

How has Weightplan affected your life?

After years of thinking it was impossible for me to build muscle, I now know that I can. I feel better in my clothes; my t-shirts hang from my chest rather than extenuating my stomach. I feel much more confident in my appearance and much healthier too. I haven’t had a cold, a sniffle or any illness throughout the whole process so I believe I’ve strengthened my immune system.

How did Weightplan work for you?

By logging my workouts I was able to focus on reaching my fitness goal, improving my strength, stamina and endurance. When you monitor your progress and have a goal in mind I found I was able to push myself harder to reap the benefits. The Brawny to Scrawny workout really delivered. It's amazing how a little targeted know how at the gym really helped me get the results I'd always wanted.

Now that you're stronger, how has that affected you?

I have much more self confidence. I've had to throw out some clothes that don't fit me anymore; it has felt great saying goodbye to my old scrawny self. I actually don't mind the man in the mirror these days.

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