Healthy Heart Diets

Healthy Heart Diets

Diet plays an important role in reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and keeping your heart healthy. You should aim to improve your diet by eating more fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, foods containing phytochemicals (such as flavonoids) foods rich in folate and B vitamins. Choosing a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and antioxidant rich foods and drinks can reduce heart disease by 20%.

Choose skimmed milk and half fat dairy products, or soya. Swap coffee for teas during the day to get the antioxidant benefit. Eat less meat, meat products, lard, butter and use olive oil sparingly to cook with. Try baking and grilling and poaching instead of frying or roasting. Use less vegetable oils, processed foods, pastries and cakes.

Try also to maintain a good balance of omega 3: omega 6 fats in the diet, which means eating more oily fish and vegetable sources of omega 3; such as flaxseed, or walnuts and reducing our intake of vegetable oils. Have oily fish in the diet at least twice per week (mackerel, sardines, salmon) or eat vegetarian sources such as walnuts, walnut oil on salads, or flaxseeds on your porridge. Omega 3 fats can help thin the blood and help prevent clotting.

Eat more beans, pulses and lentils to give you more soluble fibre added in to soups, stews and casseroles.

Choose porridge/oatmeal for breakfast which is high in soluble fibre and can help to reduce cholesterol, add a small sprinkle of nuts and seeds with berries and this will offer both omega 3 and antioxidant benefits.

Keep you salt to a minimum which helps to bring down high blood pressure, do not add salt at the table, limit salty foods and processed foods that tend to be high in salt.

We all want a healthy heart and Weightplan’s Healthy Heart meal plan provides complete meals and recipes that not only lower the risk of heart disease but also reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. They are designed to ensure you get the right balance of all the essential nutrients to keep you in top shape.

We calculate your daily energy, nutrient and activity needs to ensure you are getting just the right balance stay healthy and to achieve your goals. Try Weightplan - and see the difference in weeks.

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