Organic Diets

Organic Diets

In this tough economic climate you may ask yourself what are the benefits to spending more money on organic produce?

Organic foods generally have much lower residues of chemicals and antibiotics that could be potentially dangerous. Only a handful of chemicals (as opposed to 300 used in standard farming) are allowed in organic farming. Studies have frequently show that over the past 50 years with intensive farming techniques the levels of nutrients in our foods have declined by up to 75%. Trials suggest that as organic crops are grown for a longer time they taste superior to intensively grown crops and animal produce.

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that on average organic foods have higher levels of iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin C - and usually contain more beneficial compounds such as vitamins and antioxidants - research has shown up to 40 per cent more beneficial compounds in organic vegetable crops and up to 90 per cent more in milk’.The down side to organic produce is that it is generally more expensive (usually 50-70% more).

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