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A Personal Trainer (PT) used to be someone who worked alongside the rich and famous or someone who helped celebrities achieve their dream bodies, but now more of us are feeling the benefits that PT or fitness instructors (FI) can deliver. So whether it’s help to maximise your gym time, wanting to achieve a positive impact on your health or improved motivation to help you reach your fitness goals, a PT or FI can really help you achieve your goals...

Benefits of Training with a Personal Trainer

For most of us spare time is limited and therefore it becomes precious. We also recognise how important our health and fitness is. A PT will plan a bespoke fitness programme aimed at achieving faster results than you would typically get if you were left to your own devices. A PT provides supervision and encouragement along the way. All you have to do is commit to turning up and working hard.

There are many other benefits of having a PT;

  • A PT will write an exercise programme individually designed with you in mind. This will be based on the information discussed during your consultation session and your fitness level. Your PT will take into account your exercise likes and dislikes and discuss what motivates you.
  • You will have regular fitness assessments to review your progress. The reviews should keep you focussed on your goals, motivate and clearly highlight your achievements so far but more important, indicate where you could be if you keep up the good work.
  • Your PT with help you understand and set realistic goals, you will be challenged but never set to fail.
  • To minimise your risk of injury your PT will focus on using the correct techniques during each exercise. Your PT may also adapt your training programme to aid recovery from any previous injuries.
  • Your PT will ensure you maintain correct posture to gain maximum benefit from each set of exercises.
  • Having a PT working alongside side you will help keep you focussed and motivated.

A well balanced nutritional diet and a bespoke exercise plan go hand in hand to achieve your fitness goals. However, you will limit your results if you don’t eat the correct foods to provide energy to fuel your exercise or protein to replenish your muscles. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet is paramount to successful training and your personal trainer will advise you on the best diet to support your programme.

Results don’t happen overnight, and they vary for everyone but if you combine your personal training sessions with a well balanced nutritional diet you will start to see a change in as early as two to three weeks.

During your consultation session your trainer will provide advice on the different packages available to you. It is best to commit to a block of at least 10 sessions to feel the benefits, learn the correct techniques, adopt the correct posture and begin to see positive changes. All any PT asks of you is that you commit 100% effort during every training session and they will guarantee positive changes to your health.

Gym Training by

The Gym Training iPhone App provides hundreds of exercise guides and gym workouts designed by qualified Personal Trainers to ensure even the absolute novice can use the gym without fear or embarrassment.

With 30 multi-day workouts designed for all fitness levels, there’s something for the gym beginner right through to the gym elite. Gym Training has hundreds of exercises each with hints, tips and techniques written by our professional Personal Trainers, making sure you maximize your results from every workout. By viewing the high-res images for each exercise and checking your technique against the instruction videos, you can fast-track your results.

Weightplan also caters for the more hardcore gym goers, with workouts designed to target individual muscle groups. Choose from ‘Conditioning’, ‘Muscle Growth’ and ‘Strength’ workouts and combine them to make your own programme; plan a whole week of exercises not forgetting your warm-up, stretches and rest-days. Swap workouts regularly to keep the muscles guessing. The App takes the guesswork out of gym training. Never look hopelessly around the gym again!

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