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A food diary is the best way to monitor everything you eat. It’s only when we monitor what we actually eat compared to what we think we eat that we can begin to understand how to improve our diet, and achieve our goals.

Weightplan is the simplest way to keep a food diary. It’s easy to use and available online 24/7 for convenience. Packed with all the encouragement, help and support you’ll ever need.

Food Diary

Weight Loss - Plan for Success

Keeping a food diary is one of the best ways to monitor what you are eating and make positive changes to your eating habits. Being more conscious of what you eat and when you are most likely to make bad food decisions allows you to plan ahead.

We always make snap decisions when we are hungry and it often leads to eating highly calorific snacks. By planning lower Gi or low fat meals and snacks into your diary you are planning for success and reduce the risk of choosing high fat alternatives. Research shows that by keeping a personal food diary, you are twice as likely to stick to your target daily calorie allowance.

Muscle Gain - Regular Fuelling

When building muscle you need to ensure you provide the muscles with enough energy to sustain growth, and ensure that nutrients are taken regularly and evenly across the day. Keeping a diary leaves nothing to chance. Whatever your goal, a food diary helps keep you on the right track.

With hundreds of delicious recipes designed for energy and muscle growth, Weightplan is a huge step in the right direction to keeping you pumped for action at all times.

Weightplan allows you to compare thousands of foods by simply entering a few numbers from the barcode. So if you want to compare soup for example, you’ll be able to see which brands (from all the stores) have the highest fat content, the lowest calories or the largest amount of protein. This information allows you to make educated decisions about the food you plan into your diary.

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