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Only Weightplan brings expertly written workouts and nutrition plans together in one place to provide a 360° solution for a slimmer you. Setting yourself manageable levels of regular exercise is the key to sustaining long-term weight loss.

Both UK and USA health officials recommend a daily minimum of half an hour of exercise for five days each week to keep healthy. With countless health benefits plus accelerated weight loss when compared to dieting alone, Weightplan helps you ease into regular exercise, rather than it being something you do every once in a while.

Example calorie burning activities

Walking, Swimming, Cycling or Running

Weightplan has over 600 activities from walking the dog to sports and exercises.

The benefits of daily cardio

A cardio workout means exercising to work your whole cardiovascular system. This means that you exercise hard enough to get your heart beating faster to pump oxygenated blood from the lungs around your body to deliver oxygen to the muscle. You need to be able to work hard enough to break into a sweat, increase your heart rate but still be able to hold a conversation.

By exercising regularly your cardiovascular system will adapt and your heart and lungs will become stronger, you will be able to exercise for longer durations with great long term health benefits.

Cardio increases metabolism, burns fat and helps with weight maintenance. Cardio also helps to lift your mood, improve your sleep and protect against cardiovascular disease and certain cancers as well as helping reduce blood pressure and improve blood cholesterol levels. Plan your daily cardio with Weightplan today.

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Perhaps add in a weight loss workout?

Lose your gut
Lose Your Gut

Want a gut shifting workout designed to lower body fat, firm and tone? Our Lose Your Gut workout has been designed by fitness professionals to deliver results in 90 days. If you're someone who struggles to lose weight around their mid-section; prepare to kiss your gut goodbye!

Body toning for women
Body Toning for Women

A three day intermediate all-over body toning programme that is designed for women who want to quickly tone up their shape and improve their general fitness.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

A four day intermediate all-over weight loss programme that is designed for men and women who want to burn fat and to assist them in losing weight. Combine this with weightplan's meal planning and recipes to rapidly shed excess pounds.

Thighs, Bums & Tums
Thigh, Bums & Tums

A three day intermediate lower body toning programme that is designed for women who want to quickly tone up those problem areas and improve their general fitness.

Ultimate Fat Burner
Ultimate Fat Burner

Searching for a fat burning workout that delivers amazing results? This workout combines secrets and know-how from our fitness professionals to challenge your entire body. Get into the shape of your life. Feel slimmer, toned and energized in only three months.

Workout Video Example Workout Guides and Videos

All workouts have been written by our team of professional personal trainers and contain an invaluable guide to improving your fitness.

Our workouts are backed with over 600 exercise photos and videos that ensure you use the correct techniques for maximum effect while minimising the risk of injury.

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